AESUS Design Group is a client-oriented company that focuses on delivering the highest quality of service.



Our A/E team has experience working together on renovation and expansion projects in healthcare buildings across the country. AESUS adds value to our clients by offering a more integrated and intimate design team. We draw from our experience in integrated project delivery (IPD) contracts in which we were on-site in a work trailer next to the owners and contractors. This experience has led us to three unique traits that encapsulate our team’s approach.

FIRST – Our design process approach is efficient. We hold in depth meetings with the owner, generate a clear list of action items with decisions made and decisions needed, bring equipment vendors to the table early, and keep open communication to keep the project on track. Our project manager will lead the team in user meetings as required to prepare the schematic design and design development portion of the patient room design. Within 24 hours following each meeting, we are committed to distributing the marked-up presentation and consolidated meeting notes. All open items and tasks will be clearly identified in those notes to help move the project along.

SECOND – Our engineering is fully integrated with our as-built 3D scanning. We utilize BIM software like Revit to integrate our architectural, MPE and structural teams together with so that we can prepare drawings with clash detection and foresee construction issues before the contractor even sees the project.

LASTLY – As a small A/E firm, we use a management approach that provides the government with continuity. Our intimate project team will be continuous throughout the project. For instance, the individuals that are on site at meetings and investigating the existing conditions will be the same individuals who are completing the drawings and doing the punch walks.


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